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I am not a finished product

It’s a strange place to live, in fear of being seen or heard. Feeling frozen. Unable to show up for ourselves. Then, slowly gaining traction to take those first steps toward self worth.
It seems odd that we are the only ones who can give us our own self worth, when we are not the ones who “took” it. Self worth is taken from us while we grow up. Diminished accidentally by our family, peers, and society. Creating the way we see ourselves in our world. We can go on a lifelong quest searching for someone to give it back to us, to give us the love we needed that our parents couldn’t, not because they didn’t want to, but because they are their own people. Someone to grant us that freedom from our pain. Save us. Complete us. We are already complete. We came to life as the perfect version of ourselves already. Being your own person means speaking your own language. Having your own personality, your own thoughts. Using your own lens to view the world. Because of this, we can unintentionally fall short of meeting other’s needs. It is done to us, and we do it or others.
We came to this life to learn lessons, both beautiful and painful. That is what it means to be human. Making the choice to step out of the mundane, or stop maintaining the status quo, can lay out a lonely path before us while we shed what is not meant for us. Yet, it is far better than resting under the weight of rejection, feeling unloved and unworthy. Turning inward to listen to our soul, and taking action guided by its voice, back to our authentic selves.
I am not a finished product. That is not the goal of this lifetime, continuously learning and growing is to live. I have decided to share my journey in hopes that I may be a whisper, beacon, or inspiration to even just one person to begin their quest toward their own authenticity. Guiding them on the way to a better perspective of their reality. Leading them to wholeness, or peace and worthiness.

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